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Available to Customers Nation Wide

Unique Gift & Award Plaques 

Photos on: Wood 

We specialize in laser-engraving our customers' provided photographs.

Choose the type of item you would like. E-mail us your choice along with your contact information. Attach your photo to your e-mail. (Or, you can bring your photo in for us to scan.) Include in your e-mail names or text to be included on your plaque, if any.

Once we ensure that your photograph will engrave nicely, we will contact you (or, you can contact us) regarding your pickup or delivery instructions and method of payment. (We accept Visa/MC.) 
Our work is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

We look forward to being of service to you! 


 Rustic Bark Rimmed Plaques

Our authentic bark  rimmed plaques make a terrific gift.
Simply e-mail us your  photo and we'll take it from there! 

Size: Approx 9-1/2" x 11"  -  Price $49.95

UPS S&H $18.00

 Alder Wood Plaques

Photographs engraved into our beautifully grained genuine Alder wood plaques with beveled edges and keyhole
on reverse side for hanging. 

GRA79 7" x 9" $36.95
GRA810 8" x 10" $39.95
GRA912 9" x 12" $49.95
UPS S&H   $18.00

 Photograph on Mounted Plate

Our Alder wood plaques with photograph engraved into
mounted plate of laserable gloss black aluminum.

GRA79 7" x 9" $39.95
GRA810 8" x 10" $45.95
GRA912 9" x 12" $49.95
UPS S&H   $18.00
Granite Plaques

Premium Acrylic
We laser engrave your photograph & text into our thick solid black granite tiles: suitable for interior or exterior display.

Size: 5" x 7" - $49.95    / Size: 8-1/2" x 11"  - $69.95

Photos engrave with stunning clarity into our premium black acrylic plaques. Photos are engraved from the reverse side for an in-depth image. 


Often Used as Memorial Markers

AME 148 7" x 9" $39.95
AME 149 8" x 10" $45.95
AME 150 9" x 11" $49.95

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